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> About Us

Music to Websign, Management to Event Planning, Society Entertainment create brands that stand the test of time. The company oversees the business interests of its Co-Founder, and CEO Casanova Williams, who is an up and coming mogul who is taking company branding to a whole new level. 

> Brief History

Society Entertainment was originally formed as a music label in 2006 but has over the years expanded to a global entity that has been successful in all media outlets. With Major deals, Awards, Major Investments, Funding and Planning Major events,Society is has and is changing the face of media companies. 

> Our Future 

Society keeps growing in all directions. Society will expand the music label as well as signing other labels and distrubuting them solely through Society and its partners. Society launch new ventures in TV and Fashion. Society will also partner with local and national charities and raise money and awarness for their causes.

> Our Clients and Partners